Wednesday, January 31, 2007

celebrate, good times, woo-hooo

just so you all know, this is the last day of january. i am hoping that psychologically my mind will pick up on this and things will be better. i am already dressed for the day. that is good.

another one from anna

last night, anna and i were watching "american idol" together. a commercial came on and i was only half paying attention but i did look up just in time to see eddie murphy dressed as "mama" at a water park or something like it--i think he/she was in a swimsuit of some kind. anna had been watching the whole thing. her comment:
"eeuuhh, i don't like old mexican grandmas dressed up immodestly."
what a girl.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

she's only six

i was watching a little oprah today. anna was doing a bit of coloring at the coffee table. a teaser was announced for a chance to win dinner with someone "famous". anna, without even looking up, said, "i doubt it will be you." i did not dare ask if she meant i would not be the winner or the famous person. oh well.

Friday, January 19, 2007

lava hot springs

so i am off for a girls only weekend to lava hot springs. the kids have been in an uproar claiming they are going to miss me only i don't believe them. i got the clue when mikey said, "mommy, i am going to miss you but stay as long as you want."
boy, am i loved or what?
i am leaving the house in a pretty clean way. i hope to come home to a pretty clean home only i just can't hope that much. hope for the best, expect the worst?
anyway, i am packed and ready to go!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

go away january

i like winter. i really do. i like the snow. i like warm clothes and wrapping up in blankets and watching tv all night. i like the cold. but not the butt-freezing that is currently our weather pattern (by the way, pope is no longer on the porch--he is on 5--is that wierd? i will be sad because i really enjoyed saying "poop on the porch said it would...").
anyway, winter is good. but really i think i would like winter better without january. i detest january. it is a long, inversion-stuck, stupidly cold month. i have been counting down the days until february 2--i like the ground hog, especially when he either sees or doesn't see (i can't remember which) his shadow and "spring is just around the corner". there is hope. but january, when you can't remember what the sun looks like, is a dreadful month. no exciting holidays, except of course human rights day or martin luther kind jr day or i have a dream day (yeah, i have a dream and it includes flowers and sun and sandals)--but that doesn't count because shawn doesn't get it off--lame-o. anyway, january just needs to go away and go away fast before i slink into a depressive oblivion.
anyway, i hope you all have a great january day (or maybe just one that is better than mine).

Monday, January 15, 2007

no toast for my breakfast

a couple of weeks ago, my sister and her gaggle came to play. we (katie, annie and i) were just visiting when i started to smell something burning. i got up frantically and searched. nothing. i went downstairs. nothing. i checked the stove and curling irons. nothing. i turned the furnace off. shawn came home shortly after and he searched. nothing. the smell finally dissipated. we forgot. until...
the next morning i got up and thought i might have a piece of toast. i found where the smell came from.
this is compliments of little rachel noelle. she just decided to push down the button.

i'm back

after a long and difficult battle with the strep throat. meanie. i couldn't even laugh at the office. that made me most sad.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

something else new

i have decided to try something new. well, really it isn't new. and really i should have already been doing this for at least the past ten years...if i am lenient only about 5 years (since that is when i had my first little wee one). and this new concept for me is really and truly being a stay-home mom, homemaker, housewife, whatever you want to call it.
i am not a natural at motherhood. okay, on some levels, maybe--i do have two children. but i also do not like (deep emphasis on NOT) to cook, clean, or manage any other household duty. those tasks do not come easily for me. plus, it is easy to not do anything when depression slides in so easily and quickly into your mindset. BUT this time i was and am not going to let it get me. i am going to beat it.
the last few months of 2006 were a bit difficult. i was struggling. i chalked it up to the winter--SAD (seasonal affective disorder). but i was feeling it in september when winter was not even a thought to the beautiful days of fall. laundry would pile up. dinners were eaten out. floors were dirty. tables and shelves were cluttered. i upped some meds and started seeing a "friend" for bi-weekly one-hour visits in hopes of a little pick me up. it helped a little. but i knew what i really needed to do. i needed to do something completely and utterly different.
i made it through christmas, barely. december 26th i took the tree down. i put away all the christmas garb. and i hooked up with a long-lost friend. i have started to FLY. i do a little each day. i really want to look at this homemaker stuff as my job (hey, maybe shawn could start giving me a salary, although i am sure i would have to pay taxes on it).
when i did work, before the young'uns came along, i would get up each morning and get myself ready for the day. that is what i am going to do now (except i didn't do it until almost noon was a long morning). i cannot believe the difference i feel when i get up and get dressed.
i want to be the best mom for my chilluns. i want to be the best ol' lady for shawn. i want to do my best at my job. i want to do the best for me. i want to FLY!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

new me

i decided i needed a new look. a new change for the new year. do you like it? i hope so. hey, and i also finally figured out how to edit my links--so now, my dear friends, you are only a click away! i am sooo proud of myself for figuring it all out.