Tuesday, September 23, 2008

more stay-cation

right outside our hotel: (made me feel a little safer).

oh, and i told him to look really mean when i took this picture. he did a good job.

and i ran into this important person. lucky me. he was all smiles.

and there was a bomb scare. they had a big area of the 16th street mall blocked off with these threatening looking men.

apparently there was a suspicious package in an alley and it was blown up. pretty freaky.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

stay-cation: denver 2008

we had a little stay-cation this year to denver. we hit the broncos game.

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from left to right, top to bottom:

*riding public transportation--part of the stay-cation experience
*cute poser
*invesco field, where a couple of days later was part of the dnc
*cute bumbs
*the city
*proof that we were three rows from the top
*proof that she was not happy to climb to our seats located 3 rows from the top
*and they say this is the nose bleed section...never a drop (except the boy in front of us bled a bit)
*the statue
*proof that a cheese head and a bronco head can be friends
*shawn gave in and bought him a hat
*the statue at night
*the pyromaniacs
*look closely...that bird's got the best seat in town
*my view
*the team (filler picture, really)

here is the statue from another angle. not sure how i feel about it.

welcome to our family...

dear little honda pilot. i am looking forward to spending many hours and many miles with you...

Monday, September 15, 2008

12 years...and one day

that was then...september 14, 1996

and this is now...september 14, 2008

happy anniversary to my love...thanks for a great 12 years!

Friday, September 12, 2008

oh what do you do in the summertime...

when all the world is green?
do you swim in a pool to keep yourself cool?

or go to a dermatologist
and get your spitz nevus removed?

so does she...

anna had a black freckle appear about christmas time. well, it started to grow. and people often tried to wipe off the speck of black pepper on her nose. i decided to have it checked out by the doctor. and her black freckle was deemed a spitz nevus.

and they took it out. it was deeper than the doctor anticipated and thus we have a blue stitch (great for the first day of school).

if you zoom in on the first two photos you can see the lovely spitz nevus on the right side (her left) of her cute nose.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

oh. what do you do in the summertime

when all the world is green?
do you fish in a stream, or lazily dream on the banks as the clouds go by?
is that what you do?
so do i.

actually mine don't.

here is what my children did this summer:




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apparently mikey's bike needed a make-over. and didn't you know, gold is the in-color this summer.

i especially like the white racing stripes on the back.

and they were especially thoughtful in the process. they put cardboard down on the garage floor to catch the overspray. and i am impressed with the quality of the job...not a lot of extra paint on the wheels or seat. except up close i can see that they painted the seat as well. i guess it wasn't black enough for them. maybe it was a little faded.

but this was not the first time they experimented with the spray paints. our bushes out back were not just green...and the rocks...rainbow of fruit flavors.

so if you need a little painting done, i am willing to hire them out. just give us a call!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

what's your name?

this is my married name:

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How many have your name?

and here is my maiden name:

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people with my name in the U.S.A.

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