Friday, July 28, 2006

who is the real parent?

In the midst of all of the fun today, the entire day, Anna was sent to my room to sit on my bed for a time-out. When I returned to my room she was not on my bed.

I instinctly called out (not yelled, I don't yell of course)
"Where are you? Why aren't you on my bed?"
(Disobedience is not a favorite of mine.)

She jumped into the room from the bathroom and said
"I was sitting on the toilet" (the lid was down, her pants were up?)

I asked in a most serious voice "Why?"
(I don't like disobedience.)

She informed me that:
"The toilet is not as much fun as the bed. All I can to is sit. I can jump on the bed and stuff and that is fun."

Oh, silly me. Next time, Anna, you go ahead and plan your own time-out.

Michael James Burton

Happy Birthday Michael James. He is four years old today. I remember 4 years ago when he was born. It was so blasted hot. I would venture to say it was hotter then than it is now. The hottest day EVER in salt lake was recorded that week he was born. 107 degrees. Oh, I remember.
I was so miserable. Our power kept going out. I would go and sit in the car in the carport with the air on. One time our macho policeman neighbor walked by and looked confusingly at me. I didn't care. I was miserable. I still had just over 2 weeks to go before his delivery. I had just gone to see Dr. Curtis and I was at a one and not completely effaced. AHHHHH! I wanted to be done with the pregnancy. But not quite ready for the extreme measure of the castor oil shake.
Mike, my brother-in-law, suggested we go for a ride in the canyon. He suggested that the change in altitude would perhaps get me into labor. I thought he was smoking his lunch. But I knew it would cooler in the mountains so I planned a family get-together with tinfoil dinners for Saturday evening the 27th.
I remember on our way down the canyon the contractions started. Shawn and I laughed. I had had so many braxton-hicks with Anna. But at about 2 am sunday morning I called my mom to come stay with anna. I went in and was monitored. The nurse was amazed at my contractions. I just knew they hurt. All I wanted was a morphine shot (I had a couple with anna because of my false labor). She checked me and I had not progressed at all since I had seen Dr. Curtis. She gave me the option of staying a bit longer (because of the closeness and the strength of the contractions) or I could get a shot and go home and sleep. I took the shot and went home.
I was soon disappointed. The contractions didn't go away and I didn't even come close to the happy peaceful sleepy feeling I usually got with the shot. By 9 am we were back at the hospital with anna safely in the arms of my mom at church. I was admitted at a six. I got my epidural. ahhhhhhhhhh.
Michael James entered the world that afternoon but not before causing me some pain. My epidural wore off right before he was coming out. I was SCREAMING and Dr. Curtis didn't want to have to sew me up with no anesthia in me (I didn't have to be sewn up). He sat down on a chair next to my bed and put his feet up on MY bed. He told Shawn to relax it would just take a minute. I don't think Shawn heard over my screaming. Those two contractions, one on top of the other, really made me appreciate modern medicine and technology. Michael is such a good boy. As Dr. Curtis held him up to announce we had a baby boy, Michael peed all over Dr. Curtis. He would have been 8 pounds but instead was 7 pounds 15 ounces.
What a joyous day. A good strong healthy baby boy.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

why i don't have an 18 month old and i am not a mother of 5

so i babysit my sister's three girls last night so she could enjoy a night out with her husband at a concert. they are ages 5, 3, and 18 months. for the most part the older kids were uneventful except for a few small incidences which were VERY manageable. typical stuff. she didn't share. she wanted that back. she blah blah blah. however, my little rachel mckea is a different story. she is sooo adorable but man is she a handful. i don't know how my sister does it.

Rachel managed to play in the toilet, oh, only about 4 times (kids forgot to shut the door after going potty).
She managed to spill only about two glasses of liquid (kids left their drinks around).
She pooped and left the poop in her diaper only a mere 3 times.
She pooped and removed her diaper and managed to have the poop smeared all over her a mere one time (i had to find the diaper, she came to me holding something saying "poop"... at least she told me and did not continue to play in it).
She found the bottle of orange glo wood floor cleaner and only had a sip (thank goodness it's all natural or something . . . i didn't have to call poison control. i just had to get her to drink two glasses of water).
she ran out into the front yard getting awfully close to the street just once (shawn left the back gate open).

these are just the things that i am aware of but i am sure it is pretty complete. i really did keep a watchful eye on her. she is just fast and sneaky. katie is a saint. now i know why she wants to borrow my crib when her baby (boy :) yeah!) comes in september...she needs somewhere to put rachie for sanity's sake (rachel can climb out of the crib but they invested in a crib tent back when she was pregnant with rachel so she could keep jenna, the baby then, under lock and key--it works great for rachel too).


and that, my friends, is why i have only two children.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

number 10 of the previous post

it might oly be 95 degrees out and this might just be anna's christmas flannel nightgown, but he doesn't know that nor does he care. and i don't either. he obeyed when i told him to get jammies on. what a good boy and a cute one too.

my air is still not in but...

top ten things to be grateful for today:
  1. it was garbage day
  2. it isn't 107 degrees out
  3. fans work in my house
  4. i have a bbq
  5. i don't live in lebanon
  6. i have air conditioning in my car
  7. gas is slightly less than $3 a gallon
  8. my tv is back to working after being out all week
  9. the sun is going down
  10. my son looks super cute in my daughter's christmas flannel nightgown tonight

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

anyone know of a good dentist?

Anna found some yucky teeth that i got in a halloween goodie bag from the tony danza show (i thought i was in line for the view but...) when i went to nyc in october (remember alyssa?). anyway she thinks she is pretty funny. and i don't think mikey quite got how to put them in his mouth. oh well, he is still cute too.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

it's really not just "one little project"

Don't get me wrong, I love home improvements. I love my husband. I love that he is handy. I love that he is creative. I love that he loves to work. I love that he loves to work on our house.

With that being said...we are getting a new furnace and air conditioner. Not too bad. Or so I thought ( and I suppose I really shouldn't complain because this "one little project" is not nearly as invovled as other "little projects" have been). Now, in the middle of the project, not only are we getting a new furnace and air conditioner but a new gas dryer. apparently, it is cheaper to buy a new gas dryer that to run a new electric line. huh. but, i am proud of myself. i limited the new gas dryer to just a new gas dryer. i did not buy a matching washing machine to make it a set.

a wall has been removed and a new one put up (well, not yet, it is in progress). the new furnace is in place in the basement--well, it really is just crawl space--with the old one still down in the crawl space (and i don't know if that will ever move out). the air unit is on the south side of the house next to our wood pile for out wood stove stacked complete with wood that we never used last winter (i was always too hot). anyway, the electricity lines have been run to the air unit (thanks uncle steve) and shawn is working on the piping for the gas dryer tonight. i am a bit nervous, with gas and all. but a certified (or whatever you call it) gas man is coming tomorrow morning to do the real hookups.

i hope it all works out as planned now. i hope the furnace stays in the crawl space and that we won't have to make room for it upstairs somewhere. i don't think i can handle anymore knocking out of walls. although, i am sure shawn would have no problem with that. we have knocked out three walls now. remember, our house is not that big. we knock out anymore walls, we won't have a house. we have also ripped out a couple of closets, remodeling the entire closets. anna's room has been painted three times: purple, pink and now yellow. the master bathroom has been painted three times. our bedroom, twice. the front bathroom and bedroom, only once. the front room painted, then paneling torn out and new texture and painted again, then glazed. plus, we put in a wood stove. shawn built a big deck with patio. landscaped the yard a few times. our carport fell a couple years ago. he not only rebuilt the carport but added another shed. he has moved our back gate around a few times and still is not satisfied. he converted a back family room into a nice dining room. he built an island for our kitchen which has been painted a few times. the cabinets moved around to make room for a microwave stove hood thing. and added crown molding to the top of the cabinets. a pantry was added (knocking out a wall). crown molding has also been added to a few rooms. he also replaced our swamp cooler two summers ago.

as you can see, a little project to shawn turns out to be not so little. i always add on a few hundred dollars to his given estimate--he is always under. funny because he is an estimator for a construction company. huh.

anyway, if all goes as planned i will have cool air running through my house by the end of the week. no more swampy. really, it isn't bad as long as it is not too hot and not at all humid. but i will be grateful that our food won't be soggy all the time, our floors won't be sticky all the time, and i won't have to be hot on those summer thunderstorm days (like today).

Friday, July 07, 2006

soon to be cruisin

i have never been on a cruise before and neither has shawn. for our ten year anniversary this year he has booked us an alaskan cruise on i am excited but somewhat fearful. i don't know what to expect. i don't know what to wear. will i need to buy new clothes? we already ready bought new luggage (we never have purchased luggage in our ten years of marriage). but what else? something formal? i have no formal. i think i decided to have a pedicure before i go rather than on the ship. it is an alaskan cruise so will i need a jacket or coat? probably not a coat. it is in august that we are going. flip flops okay or too casual? jeans and capris okay? t-shirts okay? i need help. any suggestion? PLEASSSE let me know... as soon as possible. i need to lessen my anxiety. i want to be able to enjoy my time. so again, i ask, PLEASE help me! sincerely and desperately yours, liz