Wednesday, February 27, 2008

she really likes to think things out...

she is already savvy to the ways of the world. and she is only seven.

i let her have one of the valentine cds i made for my party. this cd included "bubbly" by colbie caillat. at night, she puts this song on repeat and when i wake at 2:13 am i hear this song still playing. repeat. repeat. repeat. anna has absolutely fallen in love with this song.

she had a conversation with shawn the other night. she thought that i could sell the cds i made at valentines. shawn then explained to her about copyright and plagiarism and the such. he told her that it would just be wrong of me to sell the cds to make music.

anna then told him something to the effect, "but if mommy sold the cds, then colbie calliat could sue mommy. then, we could meet her."

i think it's a plan. anyone want to buy a cd?

Monday, February 18, 2008

valentine's party 2008

i hosted my annual valentine's party about a week and a half ago. we had quite a fun time.

i wish my pictures had turned out.

this year i borrowed a chocolate fountain from my friend sarah. YUMMY! i may just have to invest in one myself. shawn really helped me get set up for this party. he hung the hearts from the ceiling and decorated the "mardi gras" (as he put it) table. what a good man. i think he is just grateful that he doesn't have to attend!

we had a good least i hope they did!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

all you need is...what? one smart cat

for the last few days i have had "all you need is love" very cutely written on my chalkboard in my kitchen/dining room. this morning i came downstairs to this:

apparently alice is out of food.

Monday, February 04, 2008

nothing gets by her...

so last night we watched the superbowl and the accompanying commercials (not too impressed).

as luck would have it, anna was around for the victoria's secret commercial. the one with the beautiful brunette sitting around in her bra/cami and panties. her hair was being blown around. it said something to the effect of after this game, let the real games begin. and at the end came a black screen with "victoria's secret" written across it.

anna read it out loud. then replied, "well that's not much of a secret, is it."

Friday, February 01, 2008

i'm "heaven" a good time

Distinguished author of the following post.....girl going postal. please enjoy.

Points of interest (while in colorado visiting people we call family)

* only one barfing incident by a really cute 3 year old on the drive here.
* annie's really good at catching barf. I'd recommend taking her on all of your road trips. she's helpful like that.
* an unbearably long and unforgiving game of SCRABBLE last night. Two key words....ova and ureter. we should have been doctors.
* and "urad". pronounced you-rad. it's a word right? kind of like, "urad my like yo mamma."
* did you know liz has gnats in her house? one flew in her mouth during our very serious game last night. i nearly peed my pants from laughing so hard. after we all recoverd we resumed our very serious game.
* annie has pictures of the gnat to prove the above point. lizzie made some awful, "bleghing, gluuugwing" sounds. it was really awful and we were very concerned for her health. she's always been good at throwing up so the gnat came up easily.
* it snowed all day. the kids played and tried to pull the icicles off the neighbors house until I calmly and reverently warned them against it. "one of those is going to fall and poke a hole in your heart or poke your eye out. then you'll die. so knock it off. we don't want you ruining our weekend." i'm considerate like that.
* a certain little boy has had five yucky diapers today. must be this great colorado air.
* he's also thrown himself on the floor in many protests today. must be the altitude.
* we've had a rough day playing around on itunes. some new great songs will soon be purchased.
* flights into eagle, co.....$479 round trip. liz's house is within walking distance. you can stop at costco on the way and pick up some milk. i know some of you make a lot of money. don't be so cheap.
* shawn's training for a half-marathon. he's really serious about this. no pepsi can be found in this house. he's now a dedicated drinker of some drink that is a healthy mixture of 70% juice and 30% sparkling water. Oh, if we could all only live in eagle and drink our sparkling water.

that's all for tonight. we need to go read our scriptures now.