Friday, January 22, 2010

too much free time?

the kidlets have been off track for forever...they finally go back on monday...yeah!

anywho, anna discovered the ipod touch. really i am not that technically aware and i had no idea what it was although i have heard of it, i think.

until last night.

after my trip (by myself) to the store.

anna put together a power point presentation (something else i know little about)entitled:

"the ipod touch: why anna burton should get one"

she then provided me with all the information i needed:

facts--i now know what it is
tech specks--i know it's dimensions, colors it comes in, how many "jiggy-bites" it has, how many photos, songs and videos it can hold.
apps--games, gps, calendar, blah, blah, blah
why she deserves one--she has been very good and she thinks she deserves one.

she even downloaded pictures of one for me to see.

and the last page:

"hope you were convinced. don't forget to donate a $1 in the cup. thank you."

she really needs to get back in school.