Saturday, November 22, 2008

birthday boy!

today is shawn's birthday.

he got himself a ski pass and skis.

the kids and i got him a keep his little noggin safe.

and the utes got him a win!!

happy birthday! i love you!

Monday, November 17, 2008


so last wednesday or so i called and asked annie to come visit. i had been feeling a bit homesick, missing my fam. and she said she could and would! hurray! i think i asked katie too but knew that she probably wouldn't be able to come.

well, friday annie and dan showed up. and about 15 minutes later i heard a knock at the door. i thought it was probably the neighbor kids. but then i heard anna exclaim "erin!" after she opened the door. i was so surprised and even more happy!

even though it was a quick weekend i am so grateful to have such great sisters who will drop everything and come cheer me up!

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we played in vail. we made turkey dinner. we shopped a bit. it was so fun. thanks for coming!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


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last weekend we met shawn's parents in moab for a quick get-away. it was fun but way too short. highlights:

*we hiked negro bill canyon

*we hiked in arches national park. we did delicate arch, double arch, sand dune arch.

*mikey was so excited to hike to double arch and look for indiana jones' footprints.

*it was cloudy the entire weekend but no my opinion, the best way to hike down there.

and since we were on vacation, we did not live on our food storage. oh well.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

all part of the "snowed-in" experience

here is my friend, the little red hen.


and here she is making bread.




and here i am enjoying the yummy, hot-from-the-oven bread.

i was supposed to be learning to make the bread. but i don't think i could do it yet on my own. particularly because i don't have a fancy-smancy mixer. i guess we will just have to do it again.

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

food storage? what?

we were given the challenge at church on sunday to live solely on our food storage. what? we are to pretend that a big snow storm has cut off all access into the eagle and gypsum area, which could really probably happen (not the best sentence, i know). well, okay...

got any suggestions?

and if you think we have plenty of pepsi, think again. this has to last shawn TWO weeks. and we cheated and bought milk.

actually, i think we will survive two weeks pretty okay. i have been working on food storage little bit by little bit. i bought milk simply because we don't even have powdered milk--which is on my list now.

and cold cereal needs a stocking-up. mikey told me he is getting bored of stuff we have. okay.

and seeing as how anna has strep throat, i have learned that i need to stock up on over-the-counter meds. i have gone to the store to get motrin (the bishop said we should not go to any extremes with this challenge).

and i am hoping our toilet paper lasts--i am limiting everyone to four squares per number one and eiaght squares per number two. and if you come visit this week or next, bring your own tp or go before you come or hold it.

that's all for now. i wil maybe keep you updated.

october fun: part HALLOWEEN

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we had a great halloween. here are some photos of the day. highlights of the day:

*school parties

*trick or treating trot in vail village with friends

*lighting our jack-o-lanterns

*neighborhood trick or treating with friends

we all had a great night. and i even think that the kids were in bed and asleep at 8:17...earliest time for the week. mikey even put himself to bed.

just for the record...

the gloves were NOT my idea. anna found them.