Friday, September 17, 2010

to do list for friday, sept 17th

wht i NEED to do:

clean kitchen
clean family room
clean dining room
clean bedrroom
clean bathroom
clean allie's room
(because she can't mess it up, so it must be my mess).
do the dishes
do laundry
and more laundry
and even more laundry
clean myself
(you know, take a shower)
clean the babe

what i WANT to do:
get a coke
take a nap

what i am ACTUALLY doing:
blogging about it

very productive.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

sweet allie jane

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i can't believe she is already six months old.

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she really is such a happy baby.

i think she looks just like anna did (i wish i had some pictures to put up and compare, but those were the days of my 35mm camera and i am just not technological enough to scan them in myself).

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she loves her excersaucer.

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she loves baby fruits (not mikey).

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she is still toothless (which i am glad about).

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she is a bit of a momma's girl (new thing for me)...but she always smiles for daddy.

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happy 1st half-birthday, my sweet baby girl! i love you!

Monday, September 06, 2010

just for your information

i have a button on the side.

it's important.

my little sis and hubby are trying to expand their family.

they would love to adopt.

so, please. spread the word.

i don't think you would get better parents than these two.