Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgiving 2010 thank you notes.

dear home,

thank you for being ours. thank you for your big spacious yard. thank you for your big spacious rooms and closets. thank you for your great kitchen (especially the cabinet space and huge pantry). thank you for inviting us in and welcoming us with such great spirit. i, we, love you. thank you.

with much fondness,

dear layton construction,

thank you for laying-off my husband. it truly was a blessing in disguise.


dear big-d,

thank you for hiring my husband. thanks for seeing his talent.

even more sincerely,

dear epidural,

i love you.

love and much affection,

dear lifeflight and accompanying nurses,

thank you for saving my baby's life. my heart always skips a beat or two when i hear a helicopter over head. thankful that mine made it.


dear pcmc (primary children's medical center)

thank you for healing my baby. she is most beautiful.

with a heart so full,

dear new neighborhood,

thank you for giving my kids a great and safe place to play. they are so happy here and we are so glad.

happy mom,

dear half-coke half-diet coke,

thanks for all the comfort and peace this year. i couldn't have done it without you!

really addicted,

Monday, November 15, 2010

so i was thinking...

.i have a new awesome craproom
.aka craftroom
.although it could mean bathroom
.and i have a new one, actually 2.5, of those as well
.in fact, i have a whole new house
.that shawn bought with his own money
.for me
.and the kids, i suppose
.and for himself, too
.we bought it almost a month ago
.i am very happy
.in fact, i love it here
.in kaysville
.yes, that is davis county!
.i can hardly believe it myself
.it's not another state, mom