Thursday, February 18, 2010

and what feels good to you?

last night mikey actually slept through the night. he usually gets up a least once to pee. and he feels it necessary to come up to my bathroom and announce to me (while i am sleeping) that he has to pee. and he pees. boy, does he pee. and for a long time. and it is always loud.

well, this morning at about 7 am he and anna came running up. anna beat him to the bathroom. and he danced and danced around.

finally, it was his turn.

and i heard, in a sing-song voice with the echo of the pee going into the water, "ahh it feels so go to pee, ahh it feels soooo good to pee."

he was happy. so was i.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

and how are you?

it's tuesday. and i went back to bed after the kids went to school. maybe i should feel bad. but i was tired.

i need to shower. but it takes all my energy and i need to clean.

tucker was hit by a car on friday. he's okay. but we found out yesterday that he has a couple of small fractures that should be surgeried on (can't think today). at a cost of $3000-$6,000. even if shawn had been working for the last 3 months, i don't know that we could afford that for a dog. the vet did say that if surgery is not financially possible, then we can keep him on strict bedrest for 4-6 weeks. funny--that's like keeping anna or mikey on strict bedrest. but that is the route we are going with, it's cheapest.

i've got less than 5 weeks left of pregnancy. i am getting anxious. i want to meet this little baby. plus, i want to be comfortable again. i want to walk without having contractions. and i want to be able to walk and breath at the same time. and i want to be able to move around without feeling like everything inside me is going to come bursting out from between my legs. you know that feeling, don't you? and i want to stop having to pee all the time.

there are a few things i will miss with being pregnant: expectant mother parking spots, sit-n-shops, and feeling the baby move inside. i think that is amazing. really amazing.

i am really wishing i had a magic fairy to come clean. and i really wish the sun would shine. and i need a coke with pebble ice. and also, just a cup of pebble ice. yum.

any guesses on when the new baby burton will be arriving? i prefer march sometime. early march. on an even day. we all have even day birthdays: 22, 14, 4, 28...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

back to work

shawn has a job! temporary, contract work, but a job none-the-less.

and that means i have to go back to work.

like housework.

because i do consider myself a "homemaker". (most of the time, anyway.)

yesterday i played with my mom and sisters in the morning and took a much needed rest in the afternoon.

today, i have worked.

yep, you heard that right.

shawn is no longer around to do the laundry, the dishes, the vacuuming, the dusting, etc.

and i did all those things today (except maybe dusting--just sort of dusted).

he spoiled me while he has been home the last three months. and i mean really spoiled me. he loves me.

so now, i am (mostly) happy to be doing those things again.

but i do miss him. i have no one to go get a coke with me at break time (10am-ish). i have to eat lunch alone. and i have no reason to go back and get in bed when the kids leave in the morning to sleep just a little longer (but i might anyway).

anywho...guess i better start thinking about dinner.