Thursday, December 17, 2009

a little randomness...

*today is thursday
*it is neither here nor there
*i had a leg cramp last night
*painful, excruciatingly painful
*my first one of this pregnancy
*my leg still hurts
*now i am going to have to remember to flex my foot before i the middle of the night, in the middle of my sleep...ugh
*i get up way too much in the middle of the night to pee
*i hate it
*kids were up a 5 am ... i was not too happy
*i got a pedicure yesterday
*it's been a long time since i had one
*my friend gave it to me for christmas
*great gift
*we went together
*even better
*shawn is still looking for work
*i am liking having him around
*too much
*mikey wants him to get a job at in-n-out
*i don't think shawn would mind that
*did i mention my leg cramp last night?
*i am now into my third trimester
*that means 3 months to go
*holy crap
*3 months...
*i watched a show last night
*a girl had a baby in prison
*but the kicker was that she got to keep her baby with her!
*poor kid when he is asked where he is from "i was born and raised in prison"
*and i am sure that as tax payers, we pay for it
*stupid. she needed to put him up for adoption.
*i will now get off my soap box.
*i have a decision to make right now
*should i
a. be done and go shower and start my day; or
b. go climb back in bed and start it later
*big decision
*i better go think about it, but you have a good day now!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

dog, it's wintertime!

apparently it has been too cold outside lately for this dog of ours. or maybe he is just getting lazy.

he stands half-in and half-out of the door. all the time. it's a new thing.

i threaten to make him start paying the heating bill (yes, we do have one). but it doesn't seem to work.

Monday, December 07, 2009

oh, what can you do for a couple of bucks?

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so i got these gingerbread houses last year on christmas eve at costco for a couple of bucks. who knew they would last an entire year...and not one broken piece of gingerbread or candy. and the icing worked great. except the green but we didn't need that.

we pulled them out for some sunday night fun.

and they did have fun.

and it didn't matter that the kits were a year old. the kids couldn't taste the difference.

and i don't think tucker cared. he just liked being in the middle of it all.

gingerbread houses: $4
eating year-old candy: priceless