Wednesday, October 24, 2007

boo hoo

we tried and tried to get tickets to the world series and we didn't get them. really, i am very sad. oh well. i am happy to have "home-couch advantage" (is that what it's called tiff?).


Sunday, October 21, 2007

and the winter has begun...

we got our first snow last night. very exciting...

anna and friend, jordan, made a snowman this afternoon. isn't he cute?

just a little love for the snowman.

the kids had a lot of fun with the snow. i am afraid that winter is here to stay now. lucky us. have you got snow yet?

Friday, October 19, 2007

what's happening to my cute, nice boy?

i picked michael up from school. here's a bit of our (my) conversation:

me: mikey how was school today?

mikey: silence

me: mikey, did you have fun?

mikey: silence

me: did you sing? play games? read?

mikey: silence, again

me: more, more questions

mikey: silence

me: michael, how come you aren't answering me?

mikey: silence

me: michael, it's rude to not answer someone when they are talking to you.

mikey: mom, i am trying to ignore you.

me: (a bit stupified) well, you need to tell someone when you don't want to talk.

mikey: okay, i don't want to talk.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

pretty good

You Are Likely a Second Born

At your darkest moments, you feel inadequate.
At work and school. you do best when you're evaluating.
When you love someone, you offer them constructive criticism.

In friendship, you tend to give a lot of feedback - positive and negative.
Your ideal careers are: accounting, banking, art, carpentry, decorating, teaching, and writing novels.
You will leave your mark on the world with art and creative projects.

10 things i love about my kitchen and dining room

1. my window from my entry way to my dining room. this is from some old house somewhere (thanks amber) and shawn hung it from the opening there. i love that you can peek into my dining room.

2. my little chicks from my mom that sit in a little corner window. i am always hoping to hear them cluck.

3. my chalkboard (thanks tiff for the idea). i especially love when shawn puts something on it. one night i was out and when i got back home, shawn had made a "fancy" dinner for the kids. macaroni in wine glasses, candlelight, the whole nine yards. he even wrote the "menu" on the chalkboard. it was so cute. i have a great husband.

4. mrs. meyer's clean day countertop spray in lemon verbena scent. yum (again, thanks tiff).

5. my old spice cans from my great grandma. they still have spices in them, if you need to spice up your life. ha ha.

6. i love my potrack with bonus lighting for over the sink! we looked everywhere for one and found this one at costco (love costco). shawn put it up and voila! we have created more cupboard space.

7. i love my shiny sink! thanks to fly lady for teaching me how to keep a shiny sink. the sink in our old house was white porcelain and it was really beat up. but our new sink can shine!

8. my trusty stool. i love it because it is very sturdy and can hold someone like me. i tend to be a bit short with even shorter arms, so the stool comes in very handy for those hard-to-reach cupboards. shawn hates this stool. the kids tend to drag it every where and get into every thing with it. but too bad for him!

9. the bathroom is just off the kitchen and i just love having a bathroom on the main floor. i have a couple of friends who live in townhomes a street over and there is no bathroom on the main floor. sucks for them.

10. i love our new bistro bar pub (take your pick of names) table. our dining room is carpeted (i don't recommend this) and so i try to keep the kids eating at this here table for easy clean-ups. and i love the little light above it. very fun.

so, there you have it. a peek into my kitchen and into my life. lucky you.

Monday, October 15, 2007

birthday registries?

anna was invited to a birthday party.

the invitation was normal. who, what, when, where. then at the bottom it informed us that the little girl was registered at "kidtopia", a toy store in eagle.

what? i know of wedding and even baby registry. but birthday? do they have this where you are? i am just out of the loop?

i think if they are going to have birthday registry, then they should have anniversary registry.

it's new to me.

what's a mom to do?

anna was making cards last night for her game of "the price is right" with mikey. i looked down and saw that she had spelled "right" wrong (rite was her spelling). i told her she spelled it wrong and suggested she correct it.

she looked at me and said, "i don't care. mikey can't read anyway."

huh. that wasn't my point. what a smarty.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

non taken, i think

i started helping anna make a stupid bird's nest for her homework assignment. i couldn't figure it out. it bothered me that yesterday i saw a couple of the non-procrastinating parents' kids' nests and i don't think they were second grader made. i think they were bird made.

anyway, i told anna that maybe we should wait for shawn to get home so that he could help her build it.

"yeah," she said, "he is a lot better at this than you. no offense."

what? no offense? she told me she meant it in a nice way.

Monday, October 08, 2007

a few random thoughts...

--it was 24 degrees this morning walking the kids to school.

--we are trying to get colorado rockies world series tickets. now i know they haven't even won the nlcs (national league championship series) but if they end up not going then we can get our money back. oh, i am so excited. i have never been to a world series. what if they play the yankees?

--on a sadder note, a good man died over the weekend. brother scott morgan passed away early saturday morning. he was very sick and has been for a while. he had the strongest, most real testimony of the savior and of repentance. and he wasn't afraid to share it. he had a beautiful singing voice. i loved singing the hymns because you could always hear him above everyone else and it was always so joyful. i am just sad. my prayers are with tami, his dear wife.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

do the ipod shuffle

the rules: turn on your ipod. go to shuffle songs and name the first ten songs that come up. no cheating: skipping songs.

1. out of control,oingo boing this song is good to me
2. rusty old american dream, david wilcox this is from my roommates at suu...makes me happy
3. pinch me, bare naked ladies hum, just there. i like it i suppose
4. what i like about you, the romantics reminds me of my old high school friend mary. good times.
5. me and julio down by the schoolyard, simon and garfunkel this is from my second year at suu...the week that shawn and i broke up i listen to this over and over and just knew that everything would be just fine. weird. i know.
6. island in the sun, weezer weezer, not necessarily this song, reminds me of suu too. mostly of shawn. good times
7. wannabe, spice girls good dancing song and i love to dance and sing really loud to this song
8. papa loves mambo, perry como thanks to tiff. love it.
9. ring of fire, johnny cash mikey's favorite song
10. the sweet escape, gwen stefani my latest itunes purchase. again, great for dancing and singing.

there you have it. my deep dark secrets all revealed. now you do the ipod shuffle.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

no comment

so last night we watched the rockies game (go rockies!) and anna had on a padres tee shirt. (for those of you who don't know, the rockies played the padres for the wild card in the playoffs).

i asked shawn where she got that shirt (apparently it has been sitting in her closet and she decided to wear it to bed last night) because i couldn't remember where it came from.

anna replied (even though i just asked shawn) that she got it at the game she went to with grandma and grandpa burton and uncle cory and aunt cami.

i couldn't remember (and even now only have vague recollections) of her going to san diego with them while cory and cami lived there about three years ago.

i said (to shawn) how is it that she can remember going on a trip from when she was four that i can't remember.

anna replied "maybe because you weren't there, mom. duh."