Thursday, September 27, 2007



1. where did you meet your husband?

i met him at suu. at the bowling alley in enoch to be specific. he was hot.

2. what was the first thing you said to him?

not sure exactly but it probably went something like "you gotta dance after you get a strike" he never danced. but he was hot.

3. where was your first date?

on valentine's day we went to the pizza factory. yum. and had hawaiian pizza and yummy breadsticks. he was late picking me up. i was about to count him out when he showed up. he looked hot. i noticed there were flowers in the back seat. i thought it was so great. but he never gave them to me. i learned later that they were for his brother's girlfriend. they were going out later that night. after we took the car to his brother, we walked to the dog and duck for a little dessert, chess and live music. it was a perfect night. except for the flowers. he did give me candy--jelly bellies.

4. where was your first kiss?

in my lair...mood light and all. he couldn't resist me. i was hot.

5. how long did you date?

18 months with a 2 month hiatis.

6. did you have a long or a short engagment?

i suppose short. 2 months and 1 day.

7. where did you get engaged?

unofficially, on my parents' patio. officially on a trail at brighton. except he forgot to bring the ring on the hike--he left it in the truck.

8. where were you married?

salt lake temple

9. where did you honeymoon?

we went to seattle. after some mix up with the hotel and shawn losing his money, tickets, wallet, everything and we ended back a the airport, i cried wishing my dad had been there. it's a long story. but very shortly after my cry we rented a car and everything was all right. we also went to san fransisco from seattle. and went to my cousin's wedding. we had a great honeymoon.

i tag you.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

hynm # what?

i had a dream the other night. very interesting. we were in sacrament meeting and we started singing the opening hymn.

"i believe in miracles
where you from
you sexy thing
i believe in miracles
since you came along
you sexy thing."

my first thought was that this song was quite inappropriate for church. however, i realized the song talked about believing in miracles and then i was okay with it.

Friday, September 14, 2007

to shawn on our 11th anniversary

we have been married for eleven years. i can hardly believe it. but yet i couldn't see it any other way. it seems that we have always been together. and i love that.

i love that you are my husband. i love that you are the father to our children. i could not have asked for a better dad for them. i love that you want to spend time with us and that being a family is very important to you. i love that you include the kids in everything you do. they truly love and adore you. what could be better.

i love that you work hard for us. you provide us with everything we need and even a few extras. i am so proud of you for your accoplishments. i am proud of the courage you have and the dedication to make our life better.

i love that life is so easy with you. you help me to not be so serious. you make me laugh--always. you help me to see the good all around me. you support me in all my crazy ideas. i know you love me for who i am.

thank you for a great eleven years. life is good and i have been so blessed to be your wife. i love that i am so excited to see you walk through the door. i love that i can't wait to talk to you about everything and anything.

and i love that i am still in love with you.

happy eleven years. and happy a million more...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

100 random things about nothings (maybe 100--we'll see

1. it was 35 degrees outside yesterday morning when i walked to kids to school.
2. the house was 46.
3. we left the windows open.
4. i loved it.
5. not good for the kids--made them super whiney.
6. and there was frost on the grass.
7. today was a little warmer--10 degrees warmer.
8. shawn turned on the furnace last night.
9. i was not happy.
10. i turned it off.
11. in the last two days, i have helped to can peaches and applesauce.
12. michael is one of about five students who are half-day kindergartners.
13. and there are four kindergarten classes.
14. and it costs $250 a month for full day.
15. i found out they are doing core curriculum in the afternoon.
16. stuff that is required that michael learn.
17. i am very frustrated and angry.
18. i have a meeting with the principal tomorrow.
19. my first time EVER.
20. i am scared--to defend my decision to keep him half-day.
21. shawn has to work.
22. so i have to go alone.
23. anna is having culture shock.
24. she believes (and i think she is right--but doesn't matter) that her teacher doesn't go to church. she is "doing things heavenly father wouldn't like" like she has tattoos and she thinks she drinks coffee--but then again "i guess it could be hot chocolate".
25. some of the girls at school dress immodestly. and a lot of the boys have long hair.
26. poor thing.
27. i found a great bike at the thrifty shoppe for anna. it is a normally $200 or so bike and i got it for $6.
28. i am really hungry but i don't know what to eat.
29. i should take a shower.
30. it requires a lot of energy.
31. shawn has been working later lately.
32. and it takes him an hour to get home. because he has to walk to my car. go to blockbuster and or the library. and then drive. sometimes he stops to get a drink. 33. a whole freakin' hour.
34. it used to be five minutes, seven if he hit the light.
35. he drives my car to save on gas.
36. i don't like driving the truck.
37. it is really messy right now.
38. i have to clean my house for my family.
39. they are coming on friday.
40. stake conference is this weekend.
41. it is four hours away.
42. they suggest you get a hotel.
43. i don't think we will go because my family is coming.
44. i have a lot of cleaning to do.
45. ugh.
46. i have a quilt i have to finish soon.
47. the people that moved into my house after us, killed my beautiful flowers.
48. dead.
49. rotten people.
50. michael is watching sponge bob again.
51. anna rode her bike to school today for the first time.
52. it's the thing to do.
53. mikey rode his scooter.
54. it's the other thing to do.
55. i walked and couldn't keep up.
56. anna wants to come home by herself.
57. i won't let her.
58. anna heard that vanessa from high school musical took naked pictures of herself and put them on the internet.
59. vanessa is no longer anna's second favorite person from high school musical.
60. i don't know who is.
61. it's almost time for 90210.
62. i am trying to quit.
63. really.
64. i am in the mood for some really great cake.
65. but not chocolate.
66. pound cake or lemon or something like that.
67. i am really nervous about the meeting with the principal.
68. i just want what's best for mikey.
69. they looked so cute on their bike and scooter this morning. with their backpacks and helmets.
70. i love that it is fall time.
71. my favorite season.
72. last night and the night before i went to bed and was asleep by nine o'clock.
73. getting up at 630 is killing me.
74. i really wish school started at nine instead of 750.
75. but the kids have been going to bed earlier.
76. there is a commercial here for the "denver school of massage therapy." but during the commercial there is a picture of some pamphlets that say "ucmt" utah college of massage therapy.
77. a news reporter was telling a story on cancun. but called cancun "concun".
78. like how some people say olta instead of alta or nevoda instead of nevada.
79. it bugs me.
80. 90210 is officially on.
81. and i have 19 more to go.
82. i think that 99% of the moms here are super skinny.
83. no fatties like me.
84. oh well.
85. i think i would like to take a nap today.
86. but i did get 9 and a half hours of sleep last night.
87. so i guess i will clean.
88. after 90210 of course.
89. both back to back episodes.
90. maybe i will clean during the commercials.
91. hah!
92. my fingers are getting tired.
93. and cold.
94. since i did turn the furnace off and open the windows.
95. i think i might make fettucine for dinner.
96. i love comfort foods.
97. i wonder if i will get some mail today.
98. will it be worth going over to the post office?
99. there wasn't any yesterday.
100. i should only go every other day.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

tales of loneliness

i hate the kids being in school. i never thought i would say that. but the morning is sooo long and lonesome. i wish they were here. mikey comes home at 1130. i have had the thought to hold him back one more year just so that i am not so lonely. but that wouldn't be fair.

i have no friends here. i so much miss my friends. i want to be able to be with them and do nothing or something or nothing. just to be close. to go and hang out at someone else's home.

my family is leaving tomorrow for the annual family vacation. and we are not going. and i am so sad. i can't stop crying. i want to go and play and have fun and make good memories. but shawn can't get work off and i don't want to drive that far by myself. lame.

today is dark and rainy and gloomy. today i feel really alone.

ps i think my house was just almost struck by lightening.