Friday, June 29, 2007

and so it goes...

thanks. vomit. katie. puke.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

things i think i will miss...besides friends and fam, of course

first and foremost:
the would-be writers guild!
then (in no particular order):
cafe rio
the mall (not that i go a lot)
sitting on the porch in the evenings at my parents
sunday dinner at mom and dad's--i am not quite sure what i will do
road construcion-ha!
my doctors--ALL of them
harvest days
halloween with the fam
birthday parties--any parties!
the library (they have one in eagle, but i don't know how it is)

well, that's it for now. i probably will be adding to the list.

Monday, June 25, 2007

more details

well, we will be living in eagle, colorado. yes, that is the place of the kobe bryant scandal.
shawn and i went to find a place to live. we found a cute 4 bed 3 bath house for rent in eagle. it is a block from a new school and about 30 miles from vail. shawn will actually have a commute now--oh well.
there really is nothing in eagle except a few fast food restaurants (wendy's, bk, subway, taco bell-long john silver's--no mcdonalds!). i guess i will really have to start cooking.
there is a grocery store.
there are a few hotels.
and a few gas stations, including the "loaf'n'jug".
the closest walmart is twenty minutes away.
the closest target is thirty minutes away--in the opposite direction of walmart. really that sucks because i would like to hit both in a day.
there is, however, a costco about 7 miles out of eagle in gypsum. that is also where we will go to church.
the valley is really beautiful. i am excited and think it will be great.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

just so you all know...

we are moving. a little bit far away. to vail (or rather some nearby town), colorado. we will be gone in about a month. shawn is going to be working on the job site (a four seasons hotel). he is really excited. as am i. you can all come to visit. anytime. i hear the skiing is great. but i don't ski. but you can come to ski. anytime.

Monday, June 18, 2007

nothing exciting, really

as we were finishing up a nice father's day dinner, mikey called out "who wants to play with me." cute little jenna (katie's second child) responded "i do" to which mikey then responded "i wasn't talking to you denna."


shawn told me yesterday afternoon he went into the front room to watch some tv. anna was there watching her show. he asked her for the remote. with a look of some kind of annoyance, she replied, "okay. but only because it is father's day."

Friday, June 08, 2007

nightmare of my life

i had a terrible awful scary dream last night. i can't believe how real it felt. i was distressed. i was crying. i was having an anxiety attack in my dream. and i am still not completely convinced it was just a dream--i will have to find out today--if possible.
i dreamed that cafe rio had changed. when we first got to cafe rio, i was looking in the windows as i always do to see how long the line is. it was empty and i couldn't believe it--no one was there! not eating, not waiting in line--no one! my first thought was excitement--we wouldn't have to wait to get our food. then as we entered the first anxiety appeared. things had changed. the whole restaraunt had changed--it was a bit of an underwater theme--lots of blue with a bit of orange. i looked around and instead of there being one long line, there were two lines. we went to one of the sides with a line. shawn and i were first. i ordered a pork taco. but they told me i might not want it--it came with a mini octopus on top (this idea is from writing last night--thanks a lot people). i didn't understand and as i stood there trying to understand (very hard for me to understand a think spanish accent), more people came in--some stood in line behind me and others went to to the other line.
i couldn't grasp my mind around the octopus thing. all i wanted was a pork taco. i decided i should go to the other line and see what the other worker had to say. i left the line frustrated. the rest of my family had their orders and were eating. there food didn't look the same. someone had mexi-fries aka tater tots--gross! i didn't realize that other people had come in while i was in line all that time with the first man. i wanted so bad to go to the front of line, but no one let me. i stood in that long second line. for a long time. and i didn't get a pork taco--because of the octopus-they wouldn't put it on the side. so instead, i ended up with something else that i didn't know what it was.
i was so disappointed and sad. my family did not like the new cafe rio at all. i told the worker it was awful and he said that he had had complaints since thursday when it had all changed.
i woke feeling anxious and scared. then, i realized it must be a dream--a nightmare! but i am still not sure, so i may make a drive-by today and if all looks well, i may go in for a pork taco-minus the octopus!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

and he is only in preschool...

mikey informed me that "teacha asseley had a wed-see".
i couldn't figure it out.
"a red seat?" no
"a real seat?" no
"wuh, wuh, wed-see." he said--using the sounds he is learning, like a good boy.
"is it something you eat" no
"is it something you play with" no
"is it something you do" no
"is it something you wear" yes--finally
"is it a skirt" no
"is it a shirt" no
and i continued on with everything you could possibly wear from a hat to a pair of socks--and it was all no.
"wear do you wear it?" i asked
"on yo bum, mom." he said.
"oh," i finally got it. "a wedgie!"
"yes." he said. "sometimes when she dits down, she has a wed-see."
"michael," i told him, "tell teacher ashley to pull up her pants."

if only...

anna got out of school for the summer on thursday. she told him he gets out on tuesday. he asked:

"when do we get out of chuch?"