Tuesday, May 29, 2007

dance, dance, dance

the kids had their dance recital on saturday night. they did so good! kamille, their teacher, does such a great job--mikey even danced a little on the stage in front of everyone! the girls looked so cute with their costumes and make-up. it was a great time for everyone!

p.s. for those of you concerned that michael is in a dance class, no worries. i don't think shawn will let me put him in next year--he didn't know about this year until about half-way through. he wasn't too happy. he wants him in golf or baseball or some other sport--typical male. i don't see the problem--boys dance all the time--i can totally see michael on "so you think you can dance" in a few years. the guy who won last year was a returned missionary and everything!

Monday, May 14, 2007

mother's day from my daughter

anna made a super-cute mother's day book for me for mother's day.
there are about ten pages with different little sentences and fill-in-the-blanks on each page. for example:

"if mom could have one wish come true, she would wish for..."
anna filled in "my hole house to be clean". very thoughtful and true.

"our happiest time together was when..."
anna put "we went shoping when my brother and my dad went to the monster trucks."
very thoughtful and sweet.

however, i am a bit concerned about this page:
"my mom is so smart, she even knows how to..."
her reply: "watch t.v."

huh? smart enough to watch t.v.? i guess i need to work on my intelligence image with her.

or, do you think she thinks she is smarter than i?

Thursday, May 10, 2007

may 4, 2007

anna turned seven almost one week ago. i can't believe it. she called home from school the other morning. she was worried about her lunch money (i wrote the check and forgot to send it with her). i was amazed at her voice and how grown up she sounded. and at yet how young and sweet she sounded. i can't believe how much time has gone by...

she looks and acts so big--always wanting to do more and learn more (really-she is non-stop--there is no rest for me). i am excited but still quite afraid of what the future holds for her. she is bright and cute and funny and eager--full of life. she amazes me every day!

i am so blessed to be her mom (now let's hope i don't screw it up too much!).

happy birthday, sweetie! i love you!