Friday, March 06, 2009

here's to life and love...

5 years ago today, shawn picked me up and took me home. i had not been home for a week. and was scared to go. but ready to go. it was time. i had no idea what was to come but i was ready for the fight. well, maybe i was just not ready to give up completely.

and here i am today. and i am happy. still on some meds. still need my sleep. still have bad days. but i am happy. no thoughts of despair hanging around in my mind. no dark, gloomy clouds hanging overhead. i get out of bed everyday and i do the things a stay-at-home mom does. and it does get monotonous but i am grateful. i wouldn't want it any other way.

i am grateful for life. for my life. for me. for who i am and what i do. i have purpose. and i love.

a far cry from where i was 5 years ago.

so, here's to life and love.