Sunday, March 11, 2007

effects of supernanny

so last night i made a deal with shawn so i could go to bed early (8:30--i was tired)---he would get a nap today if i could.
deal, he said.
well, i took my big ol' sleeping pill and off i went to la-la-land.
very nice--until around 11:30.
i woke to anna screaming her head off and shawn trying to calm her down. It was not working. so, i stormed out of bed and went into the front room and said "anna, downstairs to your bed."
she was screaming so i headed toward her to help her.
she continued to scream and started to run.
she was still screaming and i couldn't figure out what she was yelling.
she was running as fast as she could with an extra large blanket wrapped around her and still yelling.
as we rounded to corner to the stairs i finally made out what she screaming,

i don't know what she thought i would do if i caught her? put her in bed? ah, the effects of supernanny.

p.s. the deal was null and void after i had to get out of bed--sorry shawn!

Monday, March 05, 2007

our ancestors

shawn was talking to anna last night about our latest trip to the temple. he told her how we do temple work for our ancestors.
anna said, "well, what about our anbrothers?"
shawn thought that she knew better and was trying to be funny because she had a sly grin after the question. silly girl.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

a joke

the knock-knock joke...(how it is suppose to be...)

"hey, what's my name?"
"knock, knock"
"who's there?"
"you already forgot my name?! (ha!ha!)

how it went yesterday...

anna: "hey, what's my name?"
me: "Anna"
anna: "knock, knock"
me: "hi anna, would you like to come in and play?"
anna: "no, mom! you can't see me! there is not a door hole!"

i ruined the joke...but i am funny.