Friday, July 20, 2007

oh, one more random thing

shawn made me a kitchen island when we lived on pine street. the countertop here is the exact one that shawn used on our island. funny.

rocky mountain high?

so we are here. not quite settled. but here. and here is a bit of randomness about how it's been so far.

we arrived on sunday. our stuff came monday night.

today, friday, i finally have internet access with a computer set up.

yesterday, i had a phone line but could not find the phone. shawn found it late last night.

i get absolutely no cell phone coverage here.

i get absolutely no tv stations here. and the direct tv people screwed up so now i won't get any stations until late next week. it sucks.

i only get random radio stations at random times. (i did get ksl nightside in the other night).

we have had an afternoon or evening thunderstorm EVERYDAY and i love it. the kids and i sit out on the porch and count the time between lightening strikes and thunder. love it.

i have made dinner every night this week (except maybe tonight we will eat out--i have to go to the walmart in avon).

michael is deathly afraid of "mosses" (moths).

the kids have made new friends with kids next door--a boy who is 7 and a girl who is 5. it's been great.

really, it has been great so far. just a few minor breakdowns from me because i felt i was cut off from the world. but hopefully with the phone and the internet things will get better. and i LOVE the afternoon thunderstorms even though there was a mudslide yesterday afternoon and it took shawn two freakin' hours to get home and i had no idea what was going on. all i knew was that he was going to leave about 4:30 and he got home about 7:30 (he stayed at work until 5:30 because he heard the traffic was bad--he did not know why either). and since i have no cell phone service, he could not get a hold of me to let me know where he was and what was going on.

but i still love the thunderstorms.

Monday, July 09, 2007

count down has begun...

and really, i am not a good self-motivator. instead, i am a procrastinator. it sucks. i need good positive talk. i can do it. baby steps. you look great today. move it, move it, move it!


Sunday, July 08, 2007

things i believe in but...

but i am not always faithful at:

a clean car
an organized home
a good happy attitude
a shiny sink every night
reading the scriptures
reading with the kids EVERY day
making the bed every day
thank you cards
eating dinner at home
keeping a daily journal
wearing make-up ever day
doing my hair every day
early to bed, early to rise
giving others the benefit of the doubt
not yelling at the kids
not wasting time
no library fines (currently up to $11.10)
grocery shopping with a list
date night
fresh fruits and vegetables
continuing education
trying new things

really, i don't feel guilty about this list at all. for i also believe in:

"for every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven" (or however it goes).

happy day.

things i believe in

some are copies of others but oh well:

a good marriage
the family
milk in a glass (not a plastic cup)
air conditioning
the sun
lazy days
hard work
tipping good
singing (at the top of your lungs)
my own bed
talk therapy
bubble baths
game shows
shaving the hair on your toes
a good pair of scissors in every drawer
oreos & milk (in a glass of course)
clean sheets
talk radio
non-holey underwear
good friends
a good fabric store
fresh flowers
aveeno lotion
fresh cut grass
straight-from-the-garden tomatoes
real butter
the sound of music
personal experiences
the United States of America
baseball games and hot dogs
would-be writers guild
my parents
a good belly laugh
a good cry
windshield shades
my kids
saying "i love you"

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

how about we just organize instead?

katie,annie and mickey are coming over today to help me de-crap. and i am totally afraid. mostly of katie. she is ruthless. i know she would throw it all away if she could. annie said she would mediate. but i am still unsure of how mediating she will be. she likes to throw things out too. and mickey? well i think she may just want to take all my stuff home with her--at least all of the good stuff. i am not sure if i can part with my crap. i just don't know. it is a big step. i hope i am not emotional about it. i better go out and get started before they get here. maybe i can hide stuff?